Spruce Up Your Landscaping

What are you doing to transform your shore house from blah to wow? You could upgrade your kitchen, add an addition to your yard, or even grow flowers around your entire property. The possibilities are endless.

However, you won’t have a clue about what to do until you do your research. That’s why we’ve created this guide. We want to give you the best landscaping ideas for your property to make the selection process easier and faster for you.

First, do yourself a favor. Go around your property and build a list of what you already have, what you don’t have, and what you really, really want for your property. Are you missing anything that you would love to add or change? Write it down and come back to this article.

Stairway to Tranquility

wooden stairs to bayYou’ve invested in a house at the shore, so you want it to be a place of tranquility. This can become a distant dream if you’re a parent, so why not also invest in giving your children room to roam?

Say your house is on the beach or bay side of the town. When you add stairs down from the house to the sand or water, you allow a new place for your kids to go. They get to have fun by the water, and you get that relaxation you’re dying to have.

To add: stairs, just like decks, can be hazardous when they get old, and the shore weather can often expedite the damage. It’s important you take care of your stairs by following best practices and hiring the right builders from the start.

If you want to achieve peace at the shore, add the stairway to tranquility to your list from earlier.

The Secret Garden (Path)

wooden-garden-pathWhen you’re stressed from everyday living, and you just want to get away from it all, a garden is often the best retreat without leaving your property.

With a garden, why not add a path? What better way to add this path than to build it out of wood? It’s the all-natural way to giving you direction throughout your garden.

Your garden is your retreat, so it’s time to make the investment in a wooden path. When you have this path, your garden is complete. It’s your place for getting away from all the hustle and bustle of your life. It’s time to make it a perfect getaway.

When you’re ready to invest in this process, add the garden path to your list from earlier.

Under the Boardwalk (Down By the Sea…)

wood-panel-pathThe third addition to your shore property is the wooden walkway leading from one outdoor location to another. For example, use a walkway resembling a boardwalk going from your back door to your pool. Use wood to build a small, decorative bridge anywhere you feel it could go.

Have you ever wanted to build a walkway on your property? Maybe in the backyard from your pool to your driveway? If you think about it, you’ll realize there are many possibilities.

What are you going to do next? You’re going to add any walkway options to your list we discussed. Be specific about what you’re looking for in a walkway. The more detailed you are, the easier it’ll be to move forward with the right approach.


It’s time to revisit that list you’ve been building. What do you see? Do you see a need you want resolved? Maybe it’s an issue with property appearance that one of these 3 landscaping ideas can resolve. Or, do you see a new idea you can follow-up with based on what you’ve read here?

When you know what you want, you have to decide:

  • Is this worth the investment?
  • How will I proceed?
  • What can I do to get this done?

You might not see a need for a garden path or a walkway or even stairs, but you’re still missing something on your property that you just can’t pinpoint.

One recommendation is to take another tour of your own property. Build a list of what you do have and come back to this website. Do you have a fence? What about a deck? Is your existing fence or deck in need of a drastic overhaul?

We have a guide for your next deck project. It’s about getting a new deck, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn what you need to know. It’ll help you properly prepare for when you make the investment in your deck upgrade.

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Outdoors in Comfort and Style

Getting a charge out of the Outdoors in Comfort and Style

At Little Rock Deck Builders, our saying is “better working by outline.” Each one of our activities is hand crafted and worked because of the mortgage holders needs and tastes. How the space capacities as room is vital in any living space configuration, be it inside or outside, and how one individual uses a space can be inconceivably not quite the same as the following. We must take the customers’ needs and make a space that looks excellent as well as will genuinely work for them.

This current undertaking from our deck manufacturer outside of Little Rock is an extraordinary case of making space that is ideal for the property holders. When planning this secured yard, the customers were clear: they needed a space where they could cook, eat and unwind outside when the climate was pleasant. They didn’t need it to be confined and it expected to mix into the general style of the home.

The Little Rock Deck Contractors group knew the most critical thing for this family was to make an all around prepared outside kitchen. It required space for readiness, cooking and serving and should have been the focal point of the structure. A U-molded kitchen was made with everything a culinary specialist could need, including eating space for when the cooking is finished.

To guarantee that the space could be utilized the greater part of the ear, the Colorado climate should have been tended to. Some of the time it’s hot, once in a while it’s frosty and some of the time, it’s perfect. For the warm months, the secured yard will give some respite from the warmth by giving shade, however and still, at the end of the day it could be warm, so a substantial roof fan was mounted amidst the patio to give some wind stream. For the cooler months, two options were deliberately added to the plan. As should be obvious there is a wonderful outside chimney in the corner. It’s a point of convergence of the whole yard, however we didn’t know it is sufficient to keep individuals outside. Notwithstanding the fire include, two warmers were introduced in the roof too, warming the territory beneath and right away expanding its capacity.

The completions on the whole space were tied in with mixing it all together with the home. Knotty woods and normal stacked stone were utilized to supplement and take after the house’s shading palette and completions to influence it to look as though the space had dependably been there.

In case you’re occupied with improving the usefulness of your open air living space, please get in touch with one of our nearby workplaces. We’re glad help you to move outside with our better working by plan.

Thanks so much to the Little Rock Deck Builders for sponsoring my blog.

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How to Build Your Own Butcher Block

Not long ago I shared how I constructed this kitchen island for my mother. As guaranteed, today I will demonstrate to you how I fabricated the butcher piece table best for it. I backpedaled and forward, worrying about whether to assemble a butcher piece table best or to get one. When I say get one, I mean my mother. She obtained the greater part of the materials. I was the talented “fly by the seat of my jeans” work. I hunt high and down and out a shoddy butcher piece ledge that would fit the determinations I required, however they were insane costly! I considered doing wide boards, yet my significant other cautioned me that they may twist before long and that little boards were ideal. It wasn’t until the point when I saw this instructional exercise on Sawdust and Embryos that it at long last clicked.

The most widely recognized wood in butcher squares is maple as a result of its hardness. I had wanted to utilize maple, however when I went to my nearby Woodworkers Source, I happened to see the knotty birch. It is somewhat gentler than hard maple, yet at the same time a hard wood and when I talked about it with one of the workers, we both concurred it would be a fine decision for the island top. Best of all, it was a large portion of the cost! I picked my loads up and had another worker plane and tear the loads up down into reasonable sticks for me.

My wood was planed at 1 3/4″ thickness and I had it ripped into 1 1/2″ sticks.  When I got home, I cut all of my long sticks into smaller pieces.  I had to cut out some knots (they don’t call it knotty alder for nothing), but that gave me the random patterns I was looking for.  I turned the wood pieces on their sides so my slats were 1 1/2″ thick and 1 3/4″ wide.



Earlier this week I shared how I built this kitchen island for my mom.  As promised, today I’m going to show you how I built the butcher block table top for it.  I went back and forth, fretting over whether to build a butcher block table top or to buy one.  When I say buy one, I mean my mom.  She purchased all of the materials.  I was the  skilled  “fly by the seat of my pants” labor.  I searched high and low for a cheap butcher block countertop that would fit the specifications I needed, but they were crazy expensive!  I thought about doing wide planks, but my husband warned me that they might warp after a while and that small planks were best.  It wasn’t until I saw this tutorial on Sawdust and Embryos that it finally clicked.

The most common wood in butcher blocks is maple because of its hardness.  I had planned to use maple, but when I went to my local Woodworkers Source, I happened to see the knotty alder.  It is a little softer than hard maple, but still a hard wood and when I discussed it with one of the employees, we both agreed it would be a fine choice for the island top.  The best part is that it was half the price!  I chose my boards and had another employee plane and rip the boards down into manageable sticks for me.


My wood was planed at 1 3/4″ thickness and I had it ripped into 1 1/2″ sticks.  When I got home, I cut all of my long sticks into smaller pieces.  I had to cut out some knots (they don’t call it knotty alder for nothing), but that gave me the random patterns I was looking for.  I turned the wood pieces on their sides so my slats were 1 1/2″ thick and 1 3/4″ wide.


I got all of my clamps lined up and went to work.  I used Titebond III to glue the pieces together.  It is food safe, so a good choice for something like this.  I turned the boards to the side I wanted to glue and started laying it on.  I don’t know if it was the high 80s temps, but the glue formed a skin pretty fast on me, so I would work in two rows at a time and then stick them together.  Squeezing a bead of glue and then using a foam roller to spread it out works really well.  Be sure that if you have short pieces to glue those ends together too.

Thanks so much to Concrete Contractors in Orlando, Concrete Contractors in Sarasota and Concrete Contractors in Memphis for sponsoring my blog!

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How to Build a Murphy Bed

Hello there everybody! I can’t trust the day has at long last come when I can share the instructional exercise for how I assembled this delightful Murphy bed! In case you’re new here, I’ve been remodeling my office/make room to make it a more utilitarian space. So far we’ve repainted the dividers and supplanted the baseboards as well as tore out the old cover and replaced it with wood overlay. The greatest part of this redesign design was the Murphy bed. Up to this point, at whatever point we had away visitors, they dozed in our ‘visitor house’ otherwise known as the trailer. It works incredible for long haul visits, yet it’s somewhat of a torment to prep and afterward tidy up for overnight or end of the week remains. I proposed the thought to my significant other of building a Murphy quaint little inn likewise joining a work area space into it. He reluctantly concurred, however he wasn’t exactly certain how I would fuse a work area space for us to share. I wasn’t precisely certain either, yet I realized that motivation would strike at simply the correct minute. I had seen the plans and equipment for a deluxe Murphy bed on Rockler’s site and I adored the look of it. I assumed that a couple of straightforward changes could transform it into a practical office space for my significant other and I. Since the work area changes would make this post take a month to peruse, I’ve shared them here in a different post. For the time being, here’s the manner by which I constructed the Murphy informal lodging bookshelf.

The principal thing you need to do before starting this venture is read over the plans very deliberately. Ensure you buy the correct amounts of wood, equipment, and different materials. On the off chance that you tail me on Instagram, you may have seen the huge heap of Purebond plywood that my significant other and I purchased for this venture. I ponder 12 sheets in all of 3/4″, 1/2″ and 1/4″ plywood.

I fabricate this venture with Purebond plywood for a large number of reasons. Initially, it’s an astounding plywood made with inexhaustible, mindfully gathered North American hardwoods. It’s additionally formaldehyde free, which I think abandons saying how imperative that is when utilizing a material that will be in your home. You can buy it in different sizes in stores or online at The Home Depot, so it’s likewise helpful! I utilized the maple polish plywood for this venture, yet you can likewise discover it in different species, for example, birch and oak.

Thanks so much to Cape Coral Fence and Deck Company and Naples Fence and Deck Company for sponsoring my blog!

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Should You Install the Fence Yourself?

With TV shows like The Block starting an enormous measure of intrigue and support, mortgage holders are more enthusiastic than any time in recent memory to get their hands filthy and take control over their own particular remodels. In the following three years, as per late information, home remodels in the Australian Property Market are set to crest with a $96.4 billion development expected.

DIY remodels can be as straightforward as new layer of paint, directly through to doing your own particular finishing or building a deck. In case you’re thinking about another DIY errand or you’re as of now a jack of all trades around your home, introducing another fence and entryway can help your home’s estimation and give you a definitive kerb claim your property could be deficient. Be that as it may, how would you know whether it’s the correct occupation for you and your abilities?

1. What Decisions Do I Need to Make Beforehand?

Initially, before requesting your materials and plan from your fencing supplies organization, you have to decide the style of fencing you need. The quality, style and reason for your fence ought to be your primary worries as they can represent the moment of truth the presence of your home and its level of value. Consider the reason for your fence and how your picked style will profit this. For instance, steel fencing can include an abnormal state of security to your home though aluminum fencing can be more brightening and simple to work with. In the event that you require enable settling on the choice, to address one of our staff to point you the correct way or look at a portion of alternate web journals on our webpage where we examine the advantages of various materials and styles.

After you’ve chosen your fencing style and materials, you’ll have to work out the amount of all that you’ll require. Satisfactory arrangement ahead of time will make the establishment go much smoother and enable you to manage any issues on the off chance that they do happen. Check out the zone you wish to fence and figure out where the gate(s) will go.

All through Australia, there are directions set up with respect to the space between fencing boards. Ensure when you’re mapping out the estimations, you contemplate these to guarantee you the correct sizes. You’ll require the correct estimations of supports allowable in your general vicinity and estimations of the length of fencing you’ll have to cover your limit.

2. What Factors Should I Consider?

There are 3 contemplations you’ll have to consider before beginning your DIY establishment extend.

Does your proposed fence meet the state prerequisites? Contingent upon the reason for your fence and its area, there are decides set up that characterize what you may or may not be able to. These can fluctuate fundamentally from state to state, so it’s imperative you get comfortable with precisely what applies to your conditions. For instance, fencing required particularly for the pool should hold fast to strict necessities, and fencing at the front of your home should meet your gathering directions.

Will it be introduced on uneven ground? While forms and slants can add character to the arranging of your yard, they can acquaint issues when it accompanies introducing your fence and computing the length of the limit. Utilization of custom boards intended to meet a convoluted slant, or rackable and ventured boards can help with this. Ensure you check out the inclines in your arranging procedure as well.

Does it need extra help? A few wall will require additional help to satisfy their motivation or utilization of materials. A mid-rail can be included over the focal point of your fence to guarantee there is no clasping or twisting. Mid-rails can be an enhancing highlight as well – and add to a solid, strong and exquisite fence for your yard.

3. DIY Cost Savings versus Temporary worker Time Savings

Before you settle on the choice to pick a DIY establishment over enlisting a fencing contractual worker (like us) to carry out the employment for you, consider whether the cost investment funds of supply just versus supply and establishment will be justified regardless of your while. By and large, these cost reserve funds will be around 15% – 20% from our ordinary costs and all investment funds are in the establishment costs.

Our supply-just fencing packs offer DIY fans with a moderate fencing and door arrangement, however we just suggest them for mortgage holders who are qualified in an exchange or are in any event extremely convenient with instruments. You’ll additionally need to consider the obligation and dangers included.

4. What Risks Are Involved If I Do Go Ahead?

Likewise with any home change and DIY extend, there are dangers related. Monitoring what could turn out badly however, will wipe out issues en route. At Fencemakers, we just cover what we supply; for instance, the materials and powdercoating. While we will at present assurance the strength of the materials and coatings for a long time, any defaults in the fencing caused by poor establishment won’t be secured under our certification.

Any establishments that are not up to standard may bargain our items or its normal life expectancy. To lessen these dangers, we suggest you check (and triple check!) the controls for your area encompassing the fence reason, the utilization of materials and particular tallness and separating estimations. In case you’re uncertain, our staff are constantly upbeat to offer assistance and guidance en route.

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Should I paint over my worn out fencing?

Open air upkeep can make your home all the more inviting, and it can have a major effect to the estimation of your home and the encompassing properties. On the off chance that you have a fence and a door around your property, it’s vital to keep up the structure with the goal that it will last and add to estimation of your home.

So how would you deal with a metal or timber fence or door when it gets old or exhausted and starts to rust or piece?

worn rusted steel fence

Your first idea may be to give it a new paint work with the goal that it looks new again outwardly. Painting over rust or wood spoil, in any case, is an exceptionally transitory repair that may just last to one season before the rust and chipping reemerge. Painting won’t take care of the issue. On the off chance that you see rusting or chipping, the metal or timber under the paint has exhausted. Not exclusively will your fencing look ugly outwardly, however it will never again be giving a defensive hindrance to your property as the material will be effortlessly flimsy.

So the response to the inquiry ‘Should I paint over my well used out fence or entryway?’ is for the most part ‘No’.

When it gets to this stage it’s imperative to supplant the well used out material being referred to, as opposed to utilizing a brief fix to take care of the issue. Over a couple of periods of repainting you will wind up spending a significant sum in any case, so why not address the basic issue immediately and spare in the more drawn out term?

Run with powdercoating

When supplanting the fencing or entryway we would prescribe running with a powdercoated steel or aluminum alternative. Powdercoating is a strategy for treating and shading metal that is made to keep going for quite a long time, and especially when combined with aluminum which is impervious to rust, the substitution fence and entryway will be an amazingly long haul venture.

Imagine a scenario in which I alter my opinion about my powdercoating shading.

Powdercoated fencing and entryways are worked to keep going so long that the fact of the matter is the reason you’ll need to refresh them won’t be on the grounds that they’re exhausted, but since you favor a difference in shading! So what happens on the off chance that you need to change the paint shading on your powdercoated fencing?

Painting over a powdercoated fence is completely conceivable and doesn’t need to be testing – simply take after these tips:

Pick an all around ventilated territory

In the event that your fence is as of now introduced and you’re painting with a brush, you’re good to go: your fence is as of now outside. In any case, on the off chance that you’ve splashed paint you may want to dismantle your fence and paint it in pieces to abstain from getting shower paint on your grass or the pathway. If so leave the carport entryway open while you paint inside, or set down sheets in the garden and do it out in the open.

Clean the surface before painting

The most ideal approach to clean powdercoated wall is with an essential generally useful more clean. You may tenderly utilize steel fleece to expel oil or earth that won’t fall off. It might be less demanding to clean an area of the fence, and after that paint that segment before proceeding onward to the following segment so the surface is naturally cleaned when paint is connected.

Is preparing important?

No, another advantage of having a powdercoated metal fence or door is that it doesn’t require any preparing to paint over it like a corroded metal fence would.

Paint with shower paint or a brush

Shower painting is generally the simplest approach to paint a fence or door, yet it must be done outside or in a to a great degree all around ventilated territory. Shower paint looks like crisply powder covered steel or aluminum when it’s done, and just requires the painter to take after the guidelines on the can. More often than not, brush painting is a moment alternative when shower painting is not practical, or when the region for painting is not too ventilated, but rather it can likewise be utilized to make the look of a grain in the fence or door. Make a point to pick paint that is ok for outside utilize.


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